What we do

The Jarl Hjalmarson foundation promotes cooperation and European integration on the basis of freedom, democracy and market economy. This is put into practice by promoting the development of democracy through different activities in places such as Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, the Balkan States, Africa and Latin America. In most of these regions, the Foundation has a well-developed network of contacts and a number of projects have been conducted throughout the years.

Freedom, democracy and market economy

Most of the efforts centre around knowledge transfer concerning the building blocks of democracy and the process of European integration. Women and youths are given high priority because of their vital role in shaping the policies of developing democracies in the future.

The goal of the Foundation is to support its partners – centre-right parties and organizations – in developing strong democratic party structures. The Foundation acts as an advisor on issues such as policymaking, media and strategy. An important aspect of the Foundation’s work is to strengthen the values attached to democracy, market economy, rule of law, human rights and tolerance within the partner organizations. Furthermore, it is important to promote cooperation across borders so that parties can learn from the experiences of like-minded in other countries.

In the words of Eva Gustavsson, Managing Director of the Foundation: “We encourage our partner organizations to estimate the importance of dialogue with and mutual respect of other parties and organizations so that strong coalitions and democratic structures can be built. An important aspect of this is the respect of minority rights”.

The activities of the Foundation are financed mainly by SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) within the framework of party affiliated aid.

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