Projects in Eastern Europe


Belarus has been called the last remaining dictatorship in Europe. Politcally, Belarus is dominated by the president and his despotic exercise of power. Supporting the opposition in Belarus may at times seem like a daunting task without any visible results.

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In 1917, the autocracy of the Russian Tsar gave way to bolsjevist rule in what was to be known as the October Revolution. In the ensuing years, a civil war was fought between the communist Red Army and the tsarist White Army. The communists won and when Lenin died in 1924, Stalin ascended to power.

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The period of former president Viktor Yanukovych is characterized by the dismantling of the democratic structures of Ukraine and an increasing totalitarian rule. Political prisoners and attacks on the political opposition became a part of the Ukrainian everyday life. The parliament became increasingly dependent on the Presidency and media censorship was extensive.

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Moldova gained its independence when the Soviet Union collapsed 1991. The country is one of Europe poorest states. The Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation started its cooperation with Partidul Liberal Democrat Din Moldova (Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova), in 2011.

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