How is the Refugee Crisis covered in Turkish media?

JHS is publishing a new report in cooperation with the think-tank Freedom Research Association on how the refugee crisis is covered in Turkish media. Read more

Continued protests in Venezuela

The economic problems are so long gone in Venezuela that debts have become a real threat to the country. The value of the currency decreases rapidly and inflation is going up. Foreign imports have ceased, resulting in empty shelves in stores around the country. Read more

JHS follows the developments in Ukraine

Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation has for many years been active in support of democracy and rule of law in Ukraine. On our site, we publish regular updates on the situation in the country.
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Freedom House has released its annual report Freedom of the Press 2016. The report measures the global press freedom, and reaches its lowest score in 12 years as political, criminal and terrorist forces sought to co-opt or silence the media in their broader struggle for power. The report shows further that only 13 percent of the world’s population enjoys free and transparent press.

Read the key findings at Freedom House here or download the full report here

Pro-European forces could claim victory in yesterday’s parliamentary elections in Serbia as the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) won 48 % of the votes. Its coalition partner received 11 % and the results mean that Serbia will continue with its EU membership bid. It is however yet unclear how many of the radical parties that passed the threshold of 5 %, but the re-elected coalition is nevertheless facing a strong pro-Russia and anti-EU opposition.

The Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation has a strong and long going tradition of working with progressive forces on the Balkan Peninsula, and supporting their struggling for freedom, democracy and European integration.

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Panel led by Mr Tobias Billström, First Deputy Speaker of the Swedish Parliament

The Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation hosted on February 26-28 its annual regional women’s round-table conference in Stockholm. Invited were female representatives from our co-operation organisations in the Balkans. The topics discussed were the current affairs of the European Union with emphasis on the migrant and refugee crisis. (more…)

Gruppis mindre

Participants from one of the conferences in Kutaisi, Georgia

During the last year, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation and the International Republican Institute have arranged women conferences for active female politicians from our co-operation organisation in Georgia, the United National Movement. Ten conferences have taken place throughout the country, with the aim of establishing a strong and effective women forum in the party. On February 18-21, the last four conferences took place in Kutaisi, in the region of Imereti. (more…)

Georgia seminar 02

Wednesday, January 27, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation arranged the seminar Developments in Georgia – Challenges for Western integration. Two representatives of United National Movement (UNM), Georgia’s largest opposition party, described the recent years political developments in Georgia, the challenges for stronger Western integration and the situation for the opposition in the upcoming parliamentary elections in October this year.


Anders Åslund, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council and author of the book “Ukraine: What Went Wrong and How to Fix It.” writes about what low oil prices have meant historically, the effect oil and gas wealth has on societies and how the falling oil price is good news for Ukraine.

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The dramatically deteriorating economic situation in Azerbaijan has caused a wave of spontaneous protests which have been ongoing since January 12. The people are protesting against price rises and demanding that the unemployment problem be resolved. Protests were seen in more than ten different places across Azerbaijan, including the cities of Quba and Siyazan.

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Anders Åslund, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council and author of the book “Ukraine: What Went Wrong and How to Fix It.” writes that Ukraine accomplished many important economic reforms in 2015 and describes seven key reforms for the country in 2016, for example reform of the prosecution and courts and completing the energy reform.

Read the article here.

Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation has the pleasure of welcoming you to the seminar Developments in Georgia – Challenges for Western integration at Stora Nygatan 30 in Stockholm, Wednesday, January 27. Two representatives of United National Movement (UNM), the largest opposition party in Georgia, will describe the recent years political developments and the situation for the opposition in the upcoming parliamentary elections 2016. Read more about the seminar and how to participate below.


New JHS report on LGBT in Turkey

December 16th, 2015   News | Turkey

Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation, in cooperation with the Turkish think-tank Freedom Research Association, publishes a new report on LGBT-issues in Turkey. The report is based on the discussions between LGBT-organizations, civil society activists, researchers, journalists and politicians at the conference “Promoting Tolerance – LGBT in Turkey,” hosted in Ankara, September 2015.

The report aims to describe a variety of opinions on the current situation and how to move forward on issues of tolerance and LGBT in the country.

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