Population: 3,6 million
Area: 33,851 km2
GDP (PPP): 17,7 billion dollar (2015 estimate)
GDP per capita (PPP): 5 800 $ (2015 estimate)
Rate of growth: – 1 % (2015 estimate)
Head of state: Nicolae Timofti
Head of government: Pavel Filip

Particpants from Moldovan LDPM at JHS Summer School 2012 in Nynäshamn, Sweden

Particpants from Moldovan LDPM at JHS Summer School 2012 in Nynäshamn, Sweden

Moldova gained its independence when the Soviet Union collapsed 1991. The country is one of Europe poorest states. The first years following independence were marked by economic instability; 1991-94 the country had an average inflation of 475 percent. During this time only limited reforms were initiated, this combined with a high inflation rate and lack of foreign investments in the country resulted in Moldova developing into one of Europe’s poorest countries.

2001 Moldova became the first former Soviet state to choose a Communist leader Vladimir Voronin as president. Voronin led the country until 2009 when he resigned, after losing the elections to the opposition coalition Alliance for European Integration.

While Moldova has maintained a reasonably functioning democracy, the parliamentary system is unstable. To choose a president requires a qualified majority, which has resulted in repeated elections. In 2009 and 2010, three general elections and four votes in parliament failed to elect a new president. The last of these elections was held in late November, 2010. Also at that time the Alliance for European Integration won but failed to get the 61 (of 101) mandates that are required to select a president. In March 2012, the parliament managed to reach consensus and elected Nicolae Timofti as president.

The current government is Pro-European, striving for a membership in the European Union. In June 2014 an association agreement was signed with the EU.

Parliamentary elections were held in Moldova on November 30, 2014. The Pro-European parties won the elections with a small margin, in what is considered a mostly free and dignified election.

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