Costa Rica

Konferens i Latinamerika

Conference in Latin America

Population: 4.814 million
Area: 51 100 km2
GDP: 74.09 billion dollar (2015 estimate)
GDP per capita: 15 500 $ (2015 estimate)
Rate of Growth: 1.22 % (2015 estimate)
Head of state and head of government: Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera

Costa Rica is a Latin American success story. The country is a stable democracy. It has ratified the main conventions on human rights and there are no obvious problems with their implementation. The constitution ascertains freedom of speech and freedom of press and there are public and private newspapers as well as television and radio channels. The constitution also grants the freedom of association. Costa Rica has no armed forces and has therefore avoided military involvement in political affairs, unlike other countries in the region.

As one of Latin America’s most successful countries, the Costa Rican voters narrowly approved a free trade deal with the USA in 2007.

The members of parliament are elected in provincial proportional elections and their mandate lasts four years. As of April 2014, Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera is the head of state as well as head of government with 77.8 percent share of the votes. Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera was the candidate of the left party PAC (Partido Acción Ciudadana).

The next presidential election takes place in February 2018.

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