Women and youth from the New Democratic Party met on March 18-20, on Mahe Island, Seychelles, for a conference on campaign. The conference was arranged in cooperation with the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation

The New Democratic Party’s candidate is running for president in the up-coming election in May. The newly elected women’s and youth’s committees will play an active part in the presidential campaign.

The conference started with a follow-up of the New Democratic Party’s progress since the previous conference in late 2010 and a presentation by party leader Ralph Volcere of the party’s priorities in the presidential election. (more…)

In cooperation with the Association for Liberal Thinking (ALT) a three-day conference based on the study guide <i>Principles for a Free Society</i>, was organized in Ankara February 18-20.

More than 30 Turkish youths, from different parts of the country, attended the conference. All of them are students, mostly studying political science and international relations. The participants were very active in discussions on both topics specific for Turkey and ideology in general.

The speakers who lectured on the basis of the book <i>Principles for a Free Society</i> were Swedish and Turkish; Thomas Gür, Frederick Saweståhl and Klas Hjort from Sweden. The Turkish speakers were: Özlem cagla Yýlmaz, President of ALT, Dr. Bican Sahin, President of ALT, Dr. Cennet Uslu, Director of Studies in Human Rights at ALT, and Dr. Bahadýr Akýn who is a professor at Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey University.

Photo: Thomas Gür lecturing in Ankara.

Training for Belarus Youth

February 28th, 2011   Belarus | Education

The Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation organized a seminar for Belarusian Youth. The seminar was the second of two in a series targeting young trainers. At the seminar, the participants practiced using structure in their training sessions and to be in charge of different sorts of exercises.

Since the first seminar, arranged last summer, the young politicians have managed trainings in their respective organizations and a section of the seminar was spent discussing experience gained from these sessions.

In connection with this second seminar, a new group attended their first seminar.

January 25-28 the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation organized a study trip to Brussels for a group of young politicians from the Party for Democratic Action, SDA, from Bosnia.

The program included visits to the European Commission, European Parliament, European People’s Party and NATO. Participants also had the opportunity to meet and talk  the to the Bosnian Ambassador to the EU. In the European Parliament the group met with the Swedish MP’s Anna Ibrisagic and Christopher Fjellner, who both spoke about various aspects of their work in Brussels and their home regions. The participants were happy with the visit and explained that it is of great importance to gain a deeper understanding of, as well as the opportunity to discuss, Bosnia’s relations with the European Union and NATO.

In the photo: Christofer Fjellner, MP, when meeting with the SDA representatives.

On May 7, 2010 the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation arranged Spring School, i.e. a youth conference on ideology based on the book “Principles for a free society” by Dr. Nigel Ashford. The participants came from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and Sweden. The conference took place on the island of Muskö in the Stockholm Archipelago.

Dr. Nigel Ashford spoke on the subject of freedom and democracy. Guest speakers from the Moderate Party ran sessions based on further chapters in Dr. Ashford’s book. Gustav Blix and Walburga Habsburg Douglas, both Members of Parliament from the Moderate Party, spoke with reference to globalization and the Eastern Partnership.

The participants were very engaged in the discussions – topics ranging from tolerance and human rights to free enterprise – and were also in charge of presentations of the political situation in their own countries. The participants agreed that they learned a lot from the classes at the conference, and expressed appreciation regarding the possibility to make friends with people from the other countries.