Per T. Ohlsson writes about the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall in the Swedish daily paper Sydsvenskan. In the list of reference litterature you find an anthology published by the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundationom “Demokratins triumf” (Triumph of Democary). A book that will be published in English during the first quarter of 2010

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A number of politically active young people from Ukraine visited Sweden during the EU-election campaign, May/June 2009.

Read about the visit in Alingsås Tidning (Swedish)

In the spring issue 2009 of the Swedish Bulletin, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation was presented.

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“With the invasion of Georgia the “feel-good” policy came to an abrupt end,” Mats Johansson, MP (M) writes in a review of Anders Åslund’s book Russia’s Capitalist Revolution – Why Market Reform Succeeded and Democracy Failed published by the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

Johansson resumes: “… if not sooner the drastic deterioration of Russia’s inner- and foreign state of affairs during the Putin reign has convinced even the most incredulous that the cold war is back on track -though, in a new version and with a new content”.

At the end of April, Anders Åslund, in cooperation with Andrew Kuchins, will publish yet another book about Russia: Russia: The Balance Sheet.c

Don’t Forget Africa!

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The world economy currently faces the most serious financial crises since the bust on Wall Street in 1929. The current situation is a huge contrast to the period of 2002-2007 when we experienced an unbroken expansion paved with record high growth rates. The global production increased by 5 percent annually, and the rate of trade doubled. As the golden years served to tie economies closer together, the turn of the bussiness cycle meant everyone was affected, writes Peter Stein. Nevertheless, he recognizes lights on the African continent, for example Botswana.

We get daily reports on how the crisis, which began in the US financial markets, also affects Europe, Asia and Latin America. Rarely, does the focus fall on Africa, the world’s least economically developed continent. And the explanation might be as simple as that. While Africa holds 14 percent of the world’s population, it only accounts for 3 percent of GDP, 2.5 percent of the global trade and 2.5 percent of incoming FDI (foreign direct investment). The financial flows into Africa mainly consist of foreign aid. (more…)

In this article Gustav Blix, member of the Swedish Parliament, discusses the EU parliamentary election campaigns in Romania and Sweden, and is somewhat appalled by the lack of interest. He claims “the key to a higher turn out rate is most likely to combine the dream of a joint, open and peaceful Europe and the strife towards improvement in everyday life” while adding that the young people of today “should be made aware that less than 20 years ago our part of the world was divided by an iron curtain which separated free democracies from authoritarian communist dictatorships.”

It all started at the Lenin docks in Gdansk, Poland. There, the democracy movement Solidarnost started their struggle against the Polish Communist one party state. After several years of strikes and protests, in spring 1989, the movement finally forced the regime to a round table dialogue on the future of the country, resulting in the election of a new parliament. The outcome of the in part free elections of June 4 – approximately 20 years ago – frightened the regime as the democracy movement won all mandates in the lower chamber , i.e. where the establishment have allowed competition. The election to the senate was to a larger extent free. Thus, the democratic movement won all mandates except one which went to an independent candidate. Several leading communists did not even achieve enough votes to qualify for the seats which had been reserved for them. Little did they understand that their time had finally come to an end.  (more…)

EU-Education in Croatia

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Exporting EU-Education, is the headline in the December issue of Medborgaren, the member magazine published by Moderaterna. It tells the story about the Jarl Hjalmarsons Foundation tailoring education in cooperation with its sister party in Croatia.

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From singular to married couple: Online email purchase bride-to-be effectiveness accounts coming from folks that gambled on affection.

Success Stories coming from Around the Web

In the fast-changing atmosphere like ours nowadays it acquires occasionally pretty made complex to locate a complement as well as obtain associated with significant partnerships that will definitely bring about the genuine points than merely a fling. Additionally, the market scenario in some nations is actually such that males are actually trying to find girls and also incapable to discover the ones they intend. That is actually when an email purchase new bride web sites come.

Top Facts About Mail Order Brides

The inquiry of exactly how to locate a partner may be handled through such sites. Email purchase bride-to-be, generally, suggests that you can easily seek a female on exclusive sites and also opt for the one you just like as in a brochure. As an example, if you desire to fulfill a russian wives mail-order new bride, it is actually the most ideal means to accomplish thus. russian wives females are actually understood for their commitment, caring and also nurturing perspective as well as they are actually additionally extremely good as a result of their appeal. To discover a charm such as this you do not need to go to Russia, simply go to absolute best email purchase bride-to-be web sites.

Tip # 2. Open your creative imagination

Marriage dating internet sites are actually typically very easy being used. The initial thing you must perform if you are actually a guy seeking girls is actually to enroll. Your upcoming measure will be actually deciding on a desirable image for an account image, accomplishing your biography as well as addressing some inquiries to aid the web site you’re utilizing locate the most ideal suit.

Guide to Finding Your Perfect russian wives Bride

Once you’ve accomplished these actions, you acquire accessibility to a large data source of amazing russian wives go to females examining you coming from their characters. Do not be actually bashful and also begin consulting with the ones you such as. Interaction is actually an important come in your means of conference russian wives bride-to-be. To begin with, you ought to develop a pleasant connection along with a lady you such as and after that after time, you can easily provide her to comply with offline. Be actually braver – possibly she is your serendipity.

Tip # 4. Await expenditures

Interestingly sufficient, email purchase bride-to-bes go back to the 19th century in America. It went to that opportunity concerning girls coming from Easter edge pertaining to the Western Frontier to wed guys. In the 20th century, the fad enhanced right into ladies coming from cultivating nations concern the established nations to discover hubbies. Today the style continues to be, yet the objectives for bride-to-bes may differ. It prevails to claim that females coming from inferior conditions search for abundant guys to begin a satisfied rich lifestyle. Nonetheless, in Russia, for example, females surpass guys, which is actually the principal explanation they begin seeking an other half abroad.

Nowadays it is actually one of one of the most well-known sorts of matching. Depending on to data, 15% of contemporary Americans utilize online-dating systems to satisfy new brides.

Even though doubters commonly entice the reality that courting online does not trigger dependable severe partnerships, they are actually wrong. If our experts consider varieties, our team will definitely observe that separation score amongst pair gotten married to as a result of courting web sites is actually as reduced as twenty%, reviewing to the 40% amongst those, that originally fulfilled offline in USA.

Such amounts are actually certainly not unusual. Matching is actually a precise formula performed through a dependable online search engine of mail-order new bride internet sites, so it is actually logical that folks are actually most likely to stay all together when fulfilled thus.

Try to imagine just how your interaction along with prospective russian wives email purchase brideplatform.

Always take notice of such promotions as anti-scam plan, protection plan, client help. In addition, in electronic age for some, it is actually vital to become capable to make use of mobile phone applications for interaction along with girls. Be sure you inspect that people choice as well.Remember, that the much more kinds of solutions you require, the extra you pay out, therefore pick strategically. Consider that every firm supplies complimentary and also paid for registration. Do not hold back as well as examine what components you are going to acquire along with each of those subscriptions.

You can easily likewise through credit histories ahead of time as well as purchase conversing utilizing all of them. The additional debts you get, the much less you purchase all of them. Rate is actually generally as complies with:

Subscription to the system is actually rather costly, thus often one can not pay for to sign up on a variety of systems. That is actually why it is actually a really good suggestion to perform your research study and also select your best russian wives email purchase bride-to-be site to acquire a subscription there certainly. You will certainly still have the ability to search data source on various other systems completely free in the event you locate there your 2nd fifty percent, however you are going to must pay for to begin talking with her.

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Some russian wives ladies assume that if they locate a Western hubby, they will certainly gain the prize. They presume that this other half is going to be actually wealthy and also are going to guarantee her lifestyle – she will definitely certainly not must perform everything, however just to sunbathe on the beach fronts as well as carry out buying.

Other russian wives gals are actually searching for a Western spouse. They presume that this is their jumping-off place right into the pleased western side planet. They receive Western citizenship and also receive separated coming from their hubbies. At that point they reside their very own lifestyles as well as demand the dividers of the building of the ex-husband.

Still various other females really like their western side other half, however distinctions in mindset extremely impact their relationship.

Only a couple of russian wives females may be a “” excellent partner””, like Western spouses wish. “” An excellent spouse”” – for some guys it is actually a female that develops a cosiness in your house; for various other guys, this is actually a girl that is his organisation companion. “” A really good other half”” is actually an uncertain principle

Russian other half – it'' s fair and also bad. The individual is essential, however certainly not the location of his childbirth.

Our team need to certainly not demonize a Russian gals. The majority of a Russian females yearn for a great spouse, lots of little ones and also a gorgeous property. However guys usually blog about poor loved ones marital relationships and also hardly around great ones. When a Russian woman is actually an excellent partner, at that point incredibly couple of individuals extol this at the web site. Yet when a Russian woman is actually a negative spouse, numerous create irritated customer reviews.

Some guys create bad assessments regarding “” a herring mixed greens””, however fear to mention this to their other half. That is actually at fault for this? Is actually the Russian partner bad? No. Point the finger at the hubby, that chooses to fuss to unknown people.