3 x Video: The Morality of Market EconomyWhat are the benefits of Free Enterprise and Market Economy? These three videos with dr. Tom G. Palmer originates from The Morality of Free Enterprise Project by Atlas Network, and are related to the fourth chapter of Principles for a Free Society, Free Enterprise (more…)

Links: Principles into Practice

A list of links that is usually distributed at the seminars on Principles for a Free Society (more…)

Video: What is Classical Liberalism?

Lecture by Dr. Nigel Ashford from LearnLiberty.org


Video: Release of the Swedish issue of the PrinciplesThe Swedish issue of the Principles for a free Society is presented by Dr. Nigel Ashford, followed by a debate between Fredrik Johansson, Head of Public Affairs on KreabGavinAnderson and Isobel Hadley Kamptz, writer and journalist (more…)

From left: Nigel Ashford, Isobel Hadley Kamptz and Fredrik Johansson.

The study guide Principles for a Free Society is published for the first time in Swedish. Author Nigel Ashford attended the book release in Stockholm to tell about story behind the book and to answer questions.

Originally written in English by Dr Nigel Ashford, the book has been translated into multiple languages, including Russian, Spanish, Turkish – and now Swedish. Written for the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation in the 1990’s the book was intended as a study guide in the former communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Today, the book is used in several of the Foundation’s program countries, including Latin America, Turkey and the Balkans.

Principles for a Free Society introduces twelve crucial principles and values that are at a base of any free, democratic and open society. The principles cover civil society, democracy, equality, free enterprise, freedom, human rights, justice, peace, private property, rule of law, spontaneous order and tolerance. (more…)