Participants in Nicaragua at the conference for women.

February 23-27, 2012 a seminar for Latin American women was arranged in Montelimar, Nicaragua by the jarl Hjalmarson Foundation. The subject was empowerment of women in politics. 45 participnats from El Salvador (ARENA), Guatemala (PU), Nicaragua (PC), Panamá (CD), Dominican Republic (FNP) and Paraguay (MDR) were trained by Azalia Avilés, Vicepresident of IWDU, Maria José Argaña, Ex Minister for the Women in Paraguay, Cristina Aguiar, Vice Minister for the Department of Human Rights at the Foreign Minister in the Dominican Republic, Vilma de Fröhlich, Consuler of the Central American Bank of Economic Integration and Javier Loaiza, Director of the Political School Tomás Moro in Colombia. (more…)

Marcelo Schrubbe.

Political winds in Latinamerica was the theme of a seminar held in Stockholm May 3, 2011. Eduardo Quiñónez, Chairman of the Youth Section of the ARENA party in El Salvador’s capital San Salvador and Marcelo Schrubbe, local politicians in Blumenau and Chairman of the Youth of the Democrats, in Brazil, visited Sweden and the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation. The audience learned about their political work and development in their respective countries.

“61 percent of the population is under 30 and a third of them tell us that they are interested in politics. It is group that we in the ARENA Youth Section want to reach before the 2012 elections, said Eduardo Quiñónez.

He told that the issues that young people in El Salvador are most interested in are: economy, education, environment and safety. The latter is a question of being able to live without fear for criminal gangs that are a reality particular in the capital, San Salvador. (more…)

March 8, 2011, Mr. José Ricardo Taveras Blanco was installed as Director of the Department for Migration in the Dominican Republic. He is the secretary general of the Hjalmarson Foundation’s sister party in the Dominican Republic.

Mr. Taveras Blanco is the Secretary General of Fuerza Nacional Progresista (FNP), sister party of the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation in the Dominican Republic. He has been MP of FNP during two periods (2002-2006 and 2006-2010) though failing to be reelected due to fraud in the past elections in May 2010. Taveras Blanco has a long experience as a politician and as a lawyer and he is Vice-President of the regional organization Unión de Partidos Latinoamericanos (UPLA), within the International Democrat Union. Mr. Taveras Blanco visited Sweden as a guest of the JHS and as an observer in the past elections in Sweden together with prominent politicians from several countries. He participated in a special election watch program arranged by the Foundation which included seminars, conferences and bilateral meetings with politicians and institutions.