Week 8: February 8-14

February 14th, 2011   Theme: Belarus

The City Council in Minsk informs the Belarusian Popular Party that the contract for the party office in Minsk will not be prolonged. State TV channel ANT invites famous oppositional politician Viktar Ivaskievic (one of the leaders for freedom from the Soviet Union) to participate in a TV-show. (more…)

Week 7, February 1-7

February 7th, 2011   Theme: Belarus

State TV channel ANT broadcasts a discrediting report of the events on December 19, 2010. (more…)

Week 6, January 25-31

January 31st, 2011   Theme: Belarus

Minister of Internal Affairs, Anatol Kulasou, holds the first press conference since the elections. Oppositional candidate Uladzimir Niaklajeu and journalist Iryna Chalip are released from KGB jail. (more…)

Week 5: January 18-24

January 24th, 2011   Theme: Belarus

Official inauguration of Alexander Lukasenka for the fourth term of presidency. Andrus Filipcyk, poet and well-known programmer, is arrested for laughing at Lukashenka watching him on a TV-screen in a street in Minsk. (more…)

Week 4: January 11-17

January 11th, 2011   Theme: Belarus

The Belarusian Popular Front Party is officially appealing to make an international investigation of the events which took place on December 29, 2010. Markus Löning, representative from the Federal Government in Germany, on the request of Human Rights and Humanitarian Help is denied to meet political prisoners. (more…)

Week 3: January 3-10

January 10th, 2011   Theme: Belarus

After launching a civil committee for solidarity with political prisoners, the authorities start threatening the Belarusian Popular Front Party to cancel rental agreement of the office. (more…)

The authorities close down the OSCE office in Minsk. The Belarusian Popular Front Party starts a civil committee for solidarity with political prisoners; the idea is to help arrested people. (more…)

The presidential elections held in Belarus on December 19, 2010 resulted in harsh repressions and violations. To this day the authorities continue to apply the oppressive rule against democratic civil society. Threatening all democratic structures in the Belarus society. (more…)

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November 30th, -0001   Belarus | Theme: Belarus

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