Women’s conference in Georgia

November 10th, 2015   Events
19 November, 2015till22 November, 2015

November 19-22, Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation in cooperation with International Republican Institute host a women’s conference in Georgia for politicians from United National Movement.

19 November, 2015

Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation has the pleasure of welcoming you to the conference Russia’s Direction – Putin’s Objectives & the European Response at Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm, Thursday, November 19.

Mandatory RSVP Required


12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-13.15 Welcome & Introduction

13.15-14.45 Putin’s Geopolitical Objectives & its Consequences
Olga Shorina, Executive Director, the Boris Nemtsov Foundation
Stephen Nix, Regional Director, the International Republican Institute
Olof Ehrenkrona, Consul General to the Åsland islands

14.45-15.15 Coffee

15.15-16.45 Sanctions & the European Response
Ilya Yashin, Deputy Chairman, PARNAS
Gerald Knaus, Chairman, the European Stability Initiative
Amb. Diana Janse, Senior Foreign Policy Advisor, Moderate Party

16.45-17.00 Summary & Conclusions

The conference will be chaired by Hans Wallmark, MP, Moderate Party Spokesman on Defence.

The conference will be held in English.

Date: Thursday, November 19, 2015
Time: 12.00-17.00
Venue: Clarion Hotel Sign, Norra Bantorget, Stockholm

Mandatory RSVP Required by November 16, 2015 to hjalmarsonstiftelsen@moderat.se or +46 8 676 81 05


16 November, 2015till19 November, 2015

November 16-19, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation hosts a study visit for youth politicians from the Georgian party UNM, to learn about European politics and study the EU-institutions.