Tense situation in Venezuela

April 7th, 2017   News | Venezuela

After last week’s decision by the Supreme Court of Venezuela to take over legislative power from the National Assembly, where the democratic forces hold a majority, the situation in the country has remained tense. The court has reversed parts of the plan, but police officers and soldiers have harassed and attacked protesters against President Maduro.

The Union of Latin American Parties, gathering centre-right parties on the continent, released the following statement March 30:


The Union of Latin American Parties (UPLA), considering:

1.- That the Venezuelan Supreme Court resolved last Wednesday to assume, through its Constitutional Chamber or other designated institution, the legislative function in the country, depriving the democratically elected parliament of its own role  in clear violation of the current legal and constitutional rules.

2.- That this extreme measure is in addition to another recent resolution of the Supreme Court, which wrested parliamentary immunity from deputies, along with giving special powers to Nicolás Maduro in criminal, military, economic, social, political and civil matters, Situation that leaves the deputies of the National Assembly in total defenselessness against the persecutions and arbitrariness of the Chavista’s government.


1. Strongly condemn these unacceptable resolutions of the Supreme Court of Venezuela, which violate democratic principles and the division of powers, undermining the foundations of the republican order.

2. Make an urgent appeal to all democratic countries, to pronounce severely against the measures taken, withdraw their ambassadors from the country and apply the corresponding sanctions against Maduro’s Coup. Also, to require the immediate action of the Organization of American States (OAS), finally applying the Democratic Charter to Venezuela in the face of this flagrant violation of the rule of law.

3. To reiterate the commitment of the Union of Latin American Parties UPLA with the unrestricted defense of democracy, the rule of law and the division of powers, basic and fundamental aspects for peaceful coexistence and stability of nations.

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