Breakfast seminar on Turkey, Islamism and the refugee crisis

May 13th, 2016   News | Seminars | Turkey

On May 13, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation hosted a breakfast seminar on Turkey, Islamism and the refugee crisis. Turkey is a key player in the refugee crisis, and is using its role to strengthen its leverage towards the EU. The deteriorating state of democracy and human rights in the country raises concerns at the same time as more and more power concentrates around the president himself.

Invited from Turkey was Bican Sahin, president for the liberal think-tank Freedom Research Association and Assistant Professor at the Hacettepe University. The other panellists were Tobias Billström, First Deputy Speaker of the Swedish Parliament as well as former Minister for Migration, and Thomas Gür, liberal author and debater.

You can also watch the whole seminar here.

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