Conference on European Integration in the Balkans

December 9th, 2014   Bosnia and Herzegovina | Croatia | Foreign Policy | Macedonia | News

On December 3-5, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation invited representatives and leaders for the Moderate party’s sister organisations in the Balkans as well as other organisations and politicians concerned to a round-table conference in Stockholm. The red thread throughout the discussions were the recent developments in the region and the outlook for continuous European integration of the Balkan states into the European Union. Host of the conference was Göran Lennmarker, Chariman of the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation.

The conference was opened up by Frank Belfrage, Former State Secretary for Foreign Affairs at the Swedish Foreign Ministry. One of the most discussed subjects was the security agenda of the Balkan states in the shadow of the Crimea crisis and ISIS’ rampaging in the Middle East. The discussions were also centred on the future enlargement process of the European Union in the East, the inclusion of the region’s minority groups and further measures to restrain corruption.

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