Discussions about principles at seminar with ALT

December 9th, 2014   Countries and Regions | Education | News | Principles for a Free Society | Turkey

In cooperation with the Turkish think-tank, Association for Liberal Thinking (ALT), Jarl Hjalmarson arranged a weekend seminar on the basics of a democratic and free society. The conference took place in Istanbul, November 21-23, 2014 and gathered students from different parts of Turkey.

In a time when the events in Syria and Ukraine serve as fresh examples of that democracy and human rights could not be taken for granted, discussions at the seminar seemed particularly relevant.

Participants at seminar with the think-tank ALT.

Participants at seminar with the think-tank ALT.

Harun Kaban, who is the Managing Director of the Quarterly Journal of ALT, opened the conference by talking about civil society, giving a historical overview. He was followed by Erik Zsiga, former Press Secretary to Sweden’s ex-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Carl Bildt. Erik Zsiga held a session on peace and linked his personal experiences from the time at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, to the topic. Professors Atilla Yayla and Bekir Berat Özipek from Istanbul Commerce Univeristy offered both deep-going analysis of the core of liberal democracy and human rights whereas Philosopher Alim Yilmaz clarified the concept of tolerance. Last day of seminar, Magnus Nilsson, local politician, blogger and communication consultant had a session on why private property is crucial to wealth in a society.

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