Study Visits to the Swedish Election Campaign

August 22nd, 2014   News
Östersund 2, serbiska deltagare

Visitors from Serbia during a campaign in Östersund, Northern Sweden

The Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation is right now hosting a number of study visits to the Swedish election campaign for youth politicians from Eastern Europe. The study visits intend to give the participants new experiences and ideas, as well as a good understanding of how an election can look like in a country with a long democratic tradition.

Each study visit starts with a joint briefing in Stockholm on Swedish politics and the Moderate party. The participants are thereafter travelling to different parts of the country to follow the campaign with local Moderate representatives. The visits include, among other things, door-to-door campaigning, meeting with voters, putting up posters as well as attending local campaign briefings and planning.

The Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation organises three separate study visits, one week after another during the campaign. In total, 65 youth politicians, representing centre-right parties on the Balkans, Eastern Europe and South America, participate in the visits.

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