The threat against democracy and its definition

July 4th, 2014   News

Tremendous amount of recourses are being spend in a try to overthrow the post-Cold War liberal order. The Russian intervention on the Crimean peninsula is just one example of authoritarian regimes try to redefine the definition of democracy and to return to the totalitarian past of the society. Jointly for these regimes is what they call the “containment democracy” doctrine, where the interest of the own nation with its corrupt authoritarian system has higher priority rather than a free society. The Russian intervention in Ukraine is just one piece in this greater ambition, of which Beijing, Riyadh and Teheran also stares as figureheads, where the word of democracy is being used to legitimate regular violations on the human rights.

Meanwhile these states try to spread their propaganda against a democratic world order; the countries of the West must continue their struggle with gaining a hearing of their views and ideas of a free society. It is therefore high time to perceive the seriousness and openly stand up for words such as democracy, peace and freedom in their full sense.

Read Christopher Walker’s commentary in The Washington Post here

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