Seminar on democracy aid for Moderate party representatives

June 5th, 2014   News | Seminars

On June 4, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation hosted a half-day seminar for elected representatives of the Moderate party. The participants came from all across Sweden and the purpose was to increase the knowledge about the Foundation’s international operations and to throw light upon the new challenges it stands before.

These days when the human rights are being violated regularly by totalitarian regimes and when the democratic forces are on a set-back globally in advantage to its authoritarian equivalents, are the activities of the Foundation more important than ever. The participants were to some extent politically active elected representatives from the Moderate party, which participated to learn more on how we promote freedom and democracy within our global operations. They also received knowledge on how they on a volunteer basis could help the Foundation in its work.

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Mr Göran Lennmarker (lhs) and Ms Margareta Cederfelt (rhs)

Speakers were among others two members of the Swedish parliament representing the Moderate party; Ms Cecilia Brinck and Ms Margareta Cederfelt. Ms Brinck spoke about the moderate achievements for a liberated Eastern-Europe with emphasis on the Baltic States after the fall of the Soviet Union and the iron-curtain. Ms Cederfelt put on the other hand emphasis on how the knowledge on authoritarian regimes could be transferred. Mr Göran Lennmarker, chairman of the Foundation, guested the seminar as well and gave a few remarks on how to influence non-democratic regimes. The seminar ended with a deeper presentation on the Foundation’s activities on the Balkans by Ms Mariana Ehrenkrona, project manager at the Foundation.

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