In the backwash of the Euro-friendly demonstrations in Ukraine

March 3rd, 2014   News | Ukraine

The Euromaidan protests against Viktor Yanukovych Photo: Nessa Gnatoush

February 21, the opposition in Ukraine met an agreement with President Viktor Yanukovych. The agreement ended up after mediation by the foreign ministers from France, Poland and Germany respectively into a resumption of the 2004 constitution and a promised promptly held re-election, in a try to avoid further escalation of violence between demonstrators and regime-friendly riot police. The opposition went into majority which also made the release of the former opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko possible after three years imprisonment. In the meantime the parliament of Ukraine, Verchovna Rada, voted down Viktor Yanukovych from his presidency through a declaration of no confidence.

The in the first sight successful revolution of the euro friendly opinion in the country was being looked at with disapproval from Russia, for whom the implementation of Ukraine in its own post-Soviet trade union together with Belarus and Kazakhstan has been seen as a natural step for its expansion, in disadvantage of the European Union and in directly counter to the will of the Ukrainian people. On February 28, the Russian Federation Council endorsed Vladimir Putin’s request on a military intervention in Ukraine and on March 1, Russian troops officially crossed the boarder with an occupation of the Crimea peninsula. The Russian threats against a free and democratic Ukraine with a closer European integration have been met for real.

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