Opposition Campaign Censored in El Salvador

February 27th, 2014   El Salvador | News | Venezuela
Oppositionspartiet ARENAs ungdomsförbund håller presskonferens om censuren

Press conference at the youth organization of the opposition party ARENA on the censorship

El Salvador’s election commission has decided to censor a campaign video from the opposition party ARENA’s youth organization prior to the presidential election on March 9, between Vice President Salvador Sanchez Ceren, from the leftist FMLN and his opponent Norman Quijano, Mayor of San Salvador.

The election commission’s argument for the censorship is that the Vice President Salvador Sanchez Ceren, without being asked, is mentioned in the film that questions the government’s close ties to the regime in Venezuela. The government of El Salvador has during the last week blocked news about the protests in Venezuela, with fear that it will influence public opinion before the election. The youth organization has now, as a response to the censorship, launched a new campaign video, rapidly spreading online.

Like in many Latin American countries, Venezuela plays an active role in El Salvador by supporting the country’s left, not least via the oil company ALBA Petróleos, a company set up by Venezuelan money, with the aim to generate political goodwill for FMLN.

Watch the youth organization’s campaign film on the situation in Venezuela

Watch the new campaign film about the censorship

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