On March 16 Serbia calls for re-election and the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation organised last weekend together with the Moderate Party’s sister organisation United Regions of Serbia (URS, former G17+) a youth conference on campaign and communication in Belgrade, Serbia. (more…)

Freedom in the World 2014

January 23rd, 2014   Human rights | News

Freedom House has today released the 41st edition of its annual report Freedom in the World – a global survey of political and civil rights. The report is the oldest and most authoritative report of democracy and human rights. (more…)

A disruption lasting as long as eight hours affected China’s 600 million Internet users Tuesday. Experts suspect the cause to be a flawed effort by Chinese Web censors to block sites the government deems subversive, reports the Washington Post.

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In a recently published paper, the Center for Strategic & International Studies examines the conflicts on internet freedom in the Gulf,  with the United States and its allies on one side, and Iran and Russia on the other.

Read the report from the Center for Strategic & International Studies

Freedom House reports that a new law is being considered in the Russian Duma that would threaten and decrease the freedom of the net in Russia even more. The new law would give prosecutors the right to block websites on their own authority without court order to prevent “encouraging participation in extremist activities, unsanctioned public event, or mass disorder”, Freedom House reports. The Russian government already blocks number of popular websites including Facebook and Gazeta.ru.

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A proposed bill seeks to permit authorities to limit access to the Internet and to keep records of its citizen’s online activities for two years, Today’s Zaman reports. The proposed bill will also allow officials to limit keywords more easily, with the aftermath that all websites dependent on keywords such as YouTube and Twitter risk to be blocked.

Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Carl Bildt, wrote at Twitter that it’s a “worrying proposal in Turkey that if passed could seriously limit net freedom” and that he urges reconsideration. Read the article from Today’s Zaman here.

FreedomHouse begins to accept submissions for its third annual photo and art contest, Images of Repression and Freedom. FreedomHouse invites professional and amateur photographers and artists to submit photos and other forms of art (i.e. cartoons, prints, paintings, graphic art) that reflect the themes of freedom, political participation, democracy, human rights, and repression. The winning entries will be displayed and auctioned as a fundraiser on April 15, 2014 in Washington, DC.

Read more about the contest and submit your entry not later than March 10, 2014 here!

5 February, 2014till6 February, 2014

February 5-6, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation in cooperation with the European Stability Initiative organises a conference in Istanbul on Religious Freedom in Turkey and the EU Member States.