Seminar on Democracy Promotion with Moderate Local Politicians

November 7th, 2013   Education | News
Peeter Luksep diskuterar hur man kan påverka icke-demokratiska regimer

Peeter Luksep discusses how to influence non-democratic regimes

Wednesday, November 6, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation arranged a seminar for moderate local politicians and members on how we work and the challenges we see in dictatorships and new democracies today.
Since 1994, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation has promoted cooperation, development and European integration based on freedom, democracy and market economy. This work is accomplished through education and information to political parties and organizations. Today , we conduct regional projects in Africa , the Balkans, Latin America , the Caucasus and Eastern Europe as well as land projects in Belarus and Turkey.

During the day, a number of speakers with extensive experience in the promotion of democracy and international politics told their stories on how to strengthen democracy world-wide. Margaretha af Ugglas, former Foreign Minister and former Chairman of the Foundation, discussed how Moderate politicians during recent decades have worked to promote freedom and democracy, particularly in Eastern Europe. Cecilia Brinck, Member of Parliament, who today is very active in the Foundation’s work, talked about our values ​​and the importance of discussing ideological principles as a way to counter populism. Peeter Luksep, former Member of Parliament and former Member of the Estonian Congress, addressed the question of how to influence non-democratic regimes and how knowledge of these can spread.

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