Youth conference in Belgrade with United Regions of Serbia

October 30th, 2013   Education | Ideology | News | Serbia

October 25 – 27, 2013, Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation arranged a youth conference in Belgrade for youth from the Moderate’s sister party United Regions of Serbia (URS). The conference went under the theme of “ideology and policymaking” and was the first step in a four step program to promote democracy and European integration in the Balkan region. Accompanying speakers were Mr. Jonas Nilsson, director of public affairs at the Swedish Railways, and Mr. Veiko Lukmann, international secretary of Pro Patria and Res Publica Union in Estonia.

Deltagare i konferensen "ideology and policymaking", Belgrad, 2013

Participants from the youth conference “ideology and policymaking”, Belgrade, 2013

Mr. Jonas Nilsson talked about the importance of free trade and free entrepreneurship in a modern democracy but also about the value of human rights. Mr. Veiko Lukmann on the other hand, with experiences from Estonia’s road from a socialistic satellite stat of the Soviet Union to one of the most integrated states from the former Eastern bloc in the European Union, spoke about cornerstones in a democracy. He also lectured about common features within center-right parties and how to efficiently fight corruption. The conference was also visited by Tomislav Damnjanović, campaign manager of URS, who gave his view on the development of the party and its role in Serbian politics.

T.v. Veiko Lukmann, T.h. deltagare i konferensen "ideology and policymaking", Belgrad, 25-27 okt. 2013

Mr. Veiko Lukmann (lhs) and participants (rhs) from the conference

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