Belarusian opposition in Stockholm for study visit

October 28th, 2013   Belarus | News

November 21-24, a group of Belarusian opposition politicians made a study visit to Stockholm together with the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation and the American International Republican Institute. Next year, local elections will be held in Belarus and the theme for the study visit was therefore campaigning.

Henrik Sjöström discusses how to reach out with your political message

Henrik Sjöström discusses how to reach out with your political message

The first day in Stockholm began with a brief historical description of the Swedish political system and parties, the public opinion situation today and challenges for the upcoming election year. The group then met with Henrik Sjöström, press secretary at the Moderate Party, who shared his experiences of how to handle media. Erik Bengtzboe, chairman of the Moderate Youth League later on met with the Belarusians and discussed the role of the youth league in the party and how they work prior to the upcoming elections.

Next day, the group met with Alexandra Anstrell, chairman of the primary and preschool board in Haninge Municipality, located south of Stockholm who presented how the Moderate party in Haninge conducted their election campaign in 2010. The afternoon was spent in the Swedish parliament, where the group met with the two MPs Gustaf Hoffsted and Cecilia Widegren. They both presented how they ran campaigns for the parliamentary elections in 2010.

Gustaf Hoffstedt presents how he ran the campaign in 2010

Gustaf Hoffstedt presents how he ran his campaign in 2010

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