Youth conference in Istanbul on the Principles for a Free Society

September 30th, 2013   Education | Ideology | News | Turkey

In Turkey, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation is co-operating with the Turkish think tank Association for Liberal Thinking (ALT) with the aim of strengthening the knowledge of freedom, democracy and market economy among Turkish youth with considerable political interest.

Ünsal Cetin gives a lecture on Free Trade and Global Prosperity.

Ünsal Cetin gives a lecture on Free Trade and Global Prosperity.

September 27 – 29, the Foundation arranged a youth conference in Istanbul on ideology. The participants came from all around Turkey to attend the lectures and to take part in the following debate and discussion after each seminar.

The seminars were chaired by politicians and academicians from Sweden and Turkey. Cecilia Brinck, member of the Swedish parliament, spoke about the importance of the rule of law and Per Heister, advisor for the European People’s Party-group in Brussels, gave a lecture on democracy and European values. One of the highlights during the conference was the speech of Atilla Yayla, professor in political science and head of the International Relations Department at the Faculty of Commercial Sciences at Istanbul Commerce University. Atilla Yayla spoke about the importance of equality and justice and pointed out how to reach these important principles throughout less interference from the state and the adoption of market economy.

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