Seminar for a more democratic world

September 24th, 2013   News | Seminars

September 23, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation arranged a half day seminar for local politicians from the Swedish Moderate party, to inform about our work and the challenges we face in dictatorships and newly developed democracies.

Seminariet inleddes med en gemensam lunch vartefter stiftelsens projektchef, Katarina Wallberg, redovisade stiftelsens övergripande mål för deltagarna.

The seminar begun with a short presentation of the foundation and its overall operations and goals by the director of country and regional projects, Katarina Wallberg.

Invited speakers were among others Ulrika Kalrsson, MP of the Swedish parliament, who spoke about the art to influence non-democratic regimes and how the knowledge of authoritarian regimes could be transferred. Fredrik Johansson, chief analyst at the Stockholm’s Chamber of Trade, held subsequently a lecture about our values on the basis of Nigel Ashford’s book Principles for a Free Society, followed by the chief analyst of the Moderate’s Stockholm section, Torsten Svenonius, who described the Moderate’s achievements for a free Eastern Europe with emphasis on the Baltic countries. The seminar rounded up with a description of the foundation’s projects in Balkan by Emilie Lundin, senior project manager at the foundation.

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