Youth conference on ideology and democracy in BiH

September 27th, 2013   Bosnia and Herzegovina | Education | Ideology | News

In the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina (FBiH) – the part of the country of Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) where a majority of the population is Muslim – Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation co-operates with Stranka Demokratske Akcije (SDA), one of the oldest and biggest democratic parties in the country.

September 20-22, 2013, around twenty-five young politicians gathered at a conference on ideology and democracy as the first step in a four-step training model, designed by the Foundation for our Balkan partners. The conference participants had been selected out of hundreds of applicants to a bigger educational program arranged by SDA Academy, the training branch of SDA.

Young politicians from BiH.

Young politicians from BiH.

The conference took place in Fojnica, a small town outside of the capital Sarajevo. The topics were ideology and how to strengthen democracy in BiH. Swedish Member of Parliament, Fredrik Schulte opened the seminars by outlining the main ideologies of the center right. He then talked about the effects of globalization in order to finish with a session on how to put democratic principles into practice.

The second speaker from Sweden, Evelina Lorentzon who is an economist, brought up the fundamental principles in a democratic society as well as how to create a free business environment. Evelina Lorentzon closed the conference with a session on fighting corruption which also was the theme of the President of SDA Academy, Senad Šepić’s lecture on favoring knowledge and excellence within politics.

Fredrik Schulte spoke about globalization.

Fredrik Schulte spoke about globalization.

Participants were committed and hopefully they could bring home some new ideas on how one, as a young politician in BiH, can promote democracy.

Evelina Lorentzon had a session on corruption.

Evelina Lorentzon led a session on corruption.

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