Round Table Conference on Political Prisoners in Europe

June 14th, 2013   Caucasus | Eastern Europe | Human rights | News | The Balkans | The Baltic States | Turkey
Discussions on political justice, courts and human rights in Turkey today

Discussions on political justice, courts and human rights in Turkey

June 10-11, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation hosted a round-table conference in Stockholm together with the think-tank European Stability Initiative (ESI) on political prisoners in Europe, focusing on the situation in the Council of Europe and its member states.

The background to the conference was the increased repression in several member countries as well as the debate in the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly on the definition of a political prisoner, and how a number of member states have blocked resolutions on the situation for human rights.

The participants at the conference were politicians, diplomats and activists familiar with the Council of Europe and the development in its member states. Topics discussed included how to react to the developments in countries as Russia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine, the situation for human rights in Turkey today, if the democracy will survive in Georgia and how to strengthen the international human rights institutions.

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