Youth conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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In Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation (JHS) works with SDA, one of the first parties that was formed after multiparty system was introduced in BiH. On March 22-24, third step of a four step training model, tailored for JHS partners in the Balkans, took place. The location was the small Bosnian town of Fojnica, outside of Sarajevo, and participants consisted of around 30 young representatives from SDA, selected among 300 applicants.

Conference topics were EU Integration and Political Branding. BiH is a potential candidate for a future EU membership, but reforms are going slowly due to a complex constitution and political system based on the idea that the three main ethic groups, Bosniaks, Croats and Bosnian-Serbs must be represented on all central decision-making levels. Widespread corruption and unemployment are other major problems for the country.

Per Heister introduces EU.

Per Heister introduces EU.

As an introduction to the European Union and its institutions, Per Heister, advisor at EPP Group in the European Parliament, told about the work of the main institutions and the how decisions are made. Sessions on political branding were led by Magnus Nilsson, PR consultant and Chairman of the Environmental and Health Committee in the City of Solna. Participants were given the task to formulate strong messages and to describe the identity of their party.

Seminarium 95

Magnus Nilsson gives participants the task to formulate a political message.

The level of discussion was high during the weekend and despite political challenges facing the country, there was a strong belief in the future among the young participants.

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