Seminar on Democracy Support for Swedish Politicians

March 22nd, 2013   Development Aid | News | Seminars
Margaretha af Ugglas, former Minister for Foreign Affairs and former Chairman of JHS

Margaretha af Ugglas, former Minister for Foreign Affairs and former JHS Chairman

March 21, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation organised a seminar in Stockholm for local and regional politicians from the Swedish Moderate party on how we work to support democracy and on Swedish democracy aid.

The aim of the seminar was to spread knowledge about how the Foundation works to support democracy around the world. A number of experienced speakers presented during the training their impressions of the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation’s activities and discussed how Swedish politicians can work to spread the values ​​of democracy, freedom and human rights in other countries.

JHS Deputy Director Jens Ahl and Director for Country and Regional projects Katarina Wallberg started the seminar with an introduction to Swedish democracy aid and the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation’s work.

The Foundation will next year celebrate its 20th anniversary, something that Margaretha af Uggla reminded the audience about during her session. As foreign minister between 1991-1994, she participated in the establishment of the Swedish party affiliated democracy foundations. Margaretha also discussed how the Moderate party throughout history has been involved in various international party cooperations and how Swedish moderate politicians have worked for freedom in Eastern Europe and for European Cooperation.

The next speaker was Magnus Nilsson, local politicians from Solna and PR consultant with extensive experience from the JHS. He has participated as speaker at numerous conferences with the foundation and told the audience about his impressions of the foundation’s work around the world.

To raise public awareness and disseminate knowledge in Sweden about the situation in authoritarian countries is an important task. Hans Wallmark, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Swedish Parliament discussed how Swedish politicians can work to increase public awareness about the situation in other countries.

The last speaker of the seminar was Peeter Luksep, former Member of the Swedish Parliament and former Member of the Estonian Congress, who spoke about how to influence non-democratic regimes. Peeter has a long experience of the Baltic States’ struggle for freedom and was involved in the Swedish movement for Baltic State’s independence.

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