Luncheon on the Struggle for Democracy in Cuba

March 20th, 2013   Latin America | News | Seminars

March 19, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation organised a luncheon in Stockholm with the Cuban democracy activist John Suarez, on the developments in the country.

John Suarez answers questions from the audience

John Suarez answers questions from the audience

John Suarez is the International Secretary of the Cuban Democratic Directorate, an NGO working for human rights in the country. Issues such as the fate of Oswaldo Payá and the Cuban regime’s brutal violence against dissidents, were discussed at the seminar.

Cuba is a planned, centralized economy, a communist one-party state where no other parties are permitted. After Fidel Castro’s illness in 2008 hope of reform was spread, but the small changes that have occurred since then are merely symbolic actions without any real value.

The seminar was moderated by the Swedish MP Christian Holm, who also presented the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation’s new webpage Cuba Libre.

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