Sweden’s Foreign Policy Priorities for 2013

February 13th, 2013   Foreign Policy | News
Utrikesminister Carl Bildt

Foreign Minister Carl Bildt

February 13, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt presented the Government’s Statement of Foreign Policy in the Parliament. The Statement of Foreign Policy is the Government’s annual report on Sweden’s role in the world, and a presentation of the upcoming year’s goals and priorities in foreign-, aid-, trade- and security policies.

The declaration presents the Swedish view on developments in the region, the EU and the world as well as Sweden’s contribution to international cooperation and work for human rights .

The importance of the European Union as a force for peace, freedom and reconciliation is stressed, as well as the need for a long term vision for the union’s foreign service. Sweden continues to be a strong voice for further EU enlargement and committed to the Eastern Partnership. The Government will appoint an ambassador responsible for the Eastern Partnership to further strengthening the relations with EU’s neighbouring countries.

The Government continues to stress the importance of free and secure communication online. Sweden has among other things pushed through a resolution at the UN Human Rights Council which ruled that the same rights should apply online as offline.

The work continues for a more effective and results-oriented foreign aid assistance and a more modern Foreign Ministry. At the end of the month, all Swedish embassies will be on Twitter and Facebook, important instruments for consular services.

Read the Government’s statement here

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