Conference for students in Turkey

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22 March, 2013till24 March, 2013

Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation arranges in cooperation with the Turkish think tank Association for Liberal Thinking (ALT) a conference in Ankara, March 22-24. The seminars will be based on Nigel Ashfords study guide “Principles for a Free Society,” which brings to discussion basic principles for a liberal democracy, such as free market economy, democracy and tolerance. The participants will be university students from Turkey with interest in politics.

The European Stability Initiative (ESI) reports, in its latest newsletter, about the political prisoners in Azerbaijan and how the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe handles the question.

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In its latest newsletter, the European Stability Initiative (ESI) reports on the latest developments in Azerbaijan.

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“To work towards that dictatorial regimes change their views on the concept of freedom involves a long and often complicated task. Nevertheless, the discussions must continue in order to bring about acceptance of citizens’ rights and freedom of the internet,” writes Margareta Cederfelt and Karl Sigfrid, both Moderate Members of the Swedish Parliament after participating at OSCE’s international conference on freedom of the internet. (more…)

February 22-24 the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation together with the Bosnian centre-right party PDP arranged this year’s first conference. The theme for this weekend was Local Politics and Campaigning, due to the local elections held in Bosnia in October 2012.  The participants were newly elected local politicians as well as their more experienced colleagues. (more…)

Belarusian activists have been renowned for their creative and non-violent way to demonstrate. One of those protests was the teddy bear campaign last fall. The Belarusian regime on the other hand continues to demonstrate its power with authoritarian methods, now sending the guard responsible for the border control the day of the teddy bear incident to two years in prison.

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In June this year, the 23’rd session of the UN Human Rights Council will be held. One of the topics that will be brought up at the Council by the EU is the current situation in Belarus, due to the recent violations against human rights in the country.

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Revista Nueva Política is now available in English. Read the most recent translated issue online.

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News papers and companies in the U.S. have recently been victims of having their computers hacked. The people guilty seems to be the Comment Crew, a group of hackers who have gained their name by sending suspicious links to popular internet websites. The group, that continues to deny their involvement, seems to be connected to the Chinese government.

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A new report from Freedom House stresses the need for a new American policy towards the Kremlin.

The report covers the state of human rights and democracy in Russia since Putin took power in 2000. It serves as a reminder that the repressive measures enacted over the past eight months do not amount to a new direction for Russia, but rather a continuation of trends that have dominated Russian politics throughout the Putin era.

It further advances a series of proposals for American policy in the coming years.

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