Open Letter from Eugenia Tymoshenko

January 21st, 2013   News | Ukraine

Eugenia Tymoshenko in Strasbourg, May 2012

In an open letter to the Ukrainian President and the country’s authorities, Eugenia Tymoshenko, the daughter of the imprisoned former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, appeals for her mother’s life. The opposition leader has now been imprisoned for over one and a half year, and it’s a dark picture that her daughter describes.

Eugenia Tymoshenko: I ask only about one thing: don’t kill my mother !

Eugenia Tymoshenko’s appeal to the President of Ukraine, the Government of Ukraine, the Parliament of Ukraine, judges,  the Prosecutor General’s Office, to the administration of the penitentiary system, to doctors and to the administration of the Kachanivska penal colony.

Soon it will be a year and a half since my mother, Yulia Tymoshenko, was imprisoned.

It is clear for me that she has been thrown into jail only because she has honor and courage to love Ukraine, not to betray her ideals, and because she has not given up.

I feel with my heart how it is painful and difficult for her now. I understand with my every cell how much she has been tortured.

Probably, she could be softer and more concessive… But she cannot act in another way, she is not able and she cannot live a half life, fight with a quarter of force and love by one third.

I am proud of my mother. I am proud of her current behavior.  However, this confession comes to me through pain, constant anxiety and suffering.

But for me, first of all, she is not a great politician, not the leader of the opposition and not a political prisoner. She is just a mother, the closest and the dearest person for me.

So I believe that I have the full moral right to appeal to the above mentioned people as a daughter.

Today, she is deprived of everything: of freedom, health, the right to defense and any private life. In her hospital room, windows are painted over so that she cannot see freedom even through the glass. She is living under constant video surveillance. Her conversations are listened, she is constantly watched …

My mother cannot walk as she has horrible back pain. Every minute she feels horrible physical pain and due to this she cannot sleep several nights together.

But tortures are continuing. Everything that is going on with her is an experiment to destroy a person.

It is absolutely clear for me that they want to kill my mother. They don’t want her to live.

Now we are not talking about either punishment or revenge. I don’t emphasize the fact that the main corrupt officials accuse of corruption those who are innocent and the main murderers lay their blame on those who don’t allow them to enslave the country. We are talking about conscious physical killing of my mother.

I appeal to chief doctor Mikhaylo Afanasyev, doctor Iryna Fursy and other doctors.

I am very grateful to you that despite the inhuman pressure upon you on the part of Yanukovych’s subordinates you have continued to treat my mother in the current unbearable conditions. I ask you, regardless of all the intimidations, to keep in your hearts the thing you work for all your life. I ask you to remain faithful to the Hippocratic Oath, I ask you to further save lives and help sick people. I call you not to let them kill my mother.

I appeal to Viktor Yanukovych, Viktor Pshonka, Renat Kuzmin, investigator Grabik and your other subordinates, because I think that all of you are responsible for the illegal keeping of my mother behind bars without any guilt, for her torturing, for using dirty techniques and defaming her good name. And the most important thing – you are fully responsible for my mother’s life.

I don’t ask you to be fair, humane or merciful, because I understand that these qualities have become a deficit in the country. I don’t appeal to your dignity, because I know that this is useless. I don’t even insist that you follow some rules and laws, because these rules and laws don’t work anymore.

I ask you all only about one thing: DON’T KILL MY MOTHER!

I’m not afraid of hacked e-mails, I’ve got used to the fact that I have no right to a private life. I’ve got used to the fact that it has become a norm for my family to fight for my mother’s freedom, for justice, for the right to a calm work and private life. I know that for most Ukrainian families the inhuman existence is a sad reality as well. We will withstand and overcome everything.

But now I’m worried only about one thing: I want my mother to live…


Read the letter in Ukrainian here

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