Discussions in Istanbul on the Challenges in the Region

December 17th, 2012   Azerbaijan | News | Turkey

Round Table Discussions in Istanbul with Ambassador Olof Ehrenkrona and Gerald Knaus, founder of the European Stability Initiative, among others

Thursday, December 13, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation together with the Turkish think-tank Association for Liberal Thinking and the Azeri opposition party National Independence Party of Azerbaijan, organized a round table conference in Istanbul on the condition of strengthening open societies in the region.

A number of politicians, academicians and activists from the three countries participated at the conference to discuss issues as the transition from authoritarian rule to liberal democracy, constitutional issues, different aspects of nationalism and historiography in closed societies.

During the conference, the importance of cooperation between Turkey and Azerbaijan as well as between politicians and activists in order to support a democratic development in the region was stressed. Further, the need for oppositional politicians in dictatorships to establish broad cooperation with both other politicians as well as other parts of the civil society was emphasized, in order to promote changes in a democratic direction.

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