Serbian youth politicians about the challenges of the future

October 2nd, 2012   Countries and Regions | Education | News | Serbia | The Balkans | What we do

”Right now, the most important thing is to fight the corruption”, said one of the young members of the Serbian G17 Plus – a small, relatively newly formed liberal party that is part of the ruling government coalition. Serbia has not only undergone wars and long periods of political misrule, today, the country is struck by an economic crisis and the unemployment number is reaching 25 percent. The gap of living standards between cities and smaller rural towns is growing and people, who cannot find jobs in the major cities, escape the country.

Youth politicians from G17 Plus.

Among young Serbian politicians, there is a mix of belief in the future and a sense of hopelessness. During a conference, organized by Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation in the town Kovačica in the autonomous region, Vojvodina, youth from G17 Plus gathered to discuss the challenges.

Patrik Strömer, Associate Director at the communication consultancy, Kreab & Gavin Anderson and Evelina Lorentzon, Risk Analyst gave participants a basic overview of the most important principles in the process of building a democracy. Topics at the conference, which lasted between 28 and 30 September, were freedom and equality, globalization, free enterprise and private property rights.

Patrik Strömer holds a session on the core principles in a democracy.

The young political activists spoke about the problems facing the country, most of them related to the widespread corruption and centralization of power, but they also raised the question about how to create a better, more democratic future of Serbia.

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