Henrique Capriles closing his campaign in Carabobo

October 1st, 2012   News | Venezuela

September 27, the home stadium of President Hugo Chávez’s favorite baseball team, Navegantes del Magallanes, was filled with thousands of people in support of his main political rival, Henrique Capriles Radonski, who held his closing rally in the state of Carabobo. Capriles expressed his gratitude to the thousands of people congregated at the José Bernardo Pérez de Valencia stadium.

Capriles at the José Bernardo Pérez de Valencia stadium

After visiting eight states he addressed Carabobo’s population and referred to the problems Venezuela is facing due to the misgovernment of Chavez, as the problems at schools, universities and hospitals. He promised that Valencia will finally get its subway in 2015, and stated that elections are all about to choose somebody that keeps his promises to the people.  He also compared the government with a baseball pitcher that has been playing 14 years and refuses to leave his place to somebody who is not tired, which is necessary in order for Venezuela to win the game.

Capriles also stated that there is “one thing to believe you are the heart of the country and another to have the country in your heart.”

On the government he also said that they have not presented any program for safety, employment or education and that they only want to make the people believe that there is independence. He said that the socialism of the 21 century has not done a thing for Venezuelans.

He reminded the people that the government candidate does not accept debates, because he does not have objectives to develop the country in favour of all the Venezuelans. He further stated his plan on the creation of three million employments and invited the Venezuelans to analyze his plan so that they might come to their own conclusions and compare it with the president’s.

“The 7th of October we will decide the future, we are not going to chose between two persons, we are going to choose progress, each one of you have the key, all this force and energy will turn into millions of votes”

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