Youth conference in Bosnia

September 21st, 2012   Bosnia and Herzegovina | Education | News | The Balkans | What we do

During September 14-16 the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation  with the Bosnian political party SDA (Party of Democratic Action) arranged a conference in the city of Fojnica. This was the second conference in a series that accepted 40 young Bosnian politicians out of 300 applicants as part of the SDA-Academy.

The first conference took place earlier this year in May with an overall focus on ideology. The theme for this conference was rhetoric, public speaking and campaigning. The conference contained practical as well as theoretical exercises that the participants will be able to rely on during the campaign to the upcoming Bosnian local elections on October 7. The speaker during the conference was Jørn Haukøy who works as a consultant/entrepreneur in Berlin, Germany.

The participants each performed a speech on the town square in Fojnica

Saturday started off with a session on the relation between political branding and campaigning. Jørn then held a lecture on the basics of rhetoric and public speaking. That session ended with the participants being encouraged to each perform a speech on a stage in the town square of Fojnica. The day ended with the participants performing another speech and getting feedback on what could be improved. As a follow up on the next day, all the participants got to perform their speeches yet another time. This underlined the improvement that had been made from the earlier performances and highlighted all that the participants had learned during the conference.

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