Seminar on Rule of Law and Democracy in Ankara

September 25th, 2012   Education | News | Turkey

“Turkey has inherited a collectivist, statist mentality within its bureaucratic system which has not prioritized civil liberties for her citizens. Hence, there is a huge need to discuss classical liberal ideas on rule of law and constitutional democracy,” sais Ozlem Çağlar Yılmaz, General Coordinator at Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation’s Turkish partner, the Association for Liberal Thinking (ALT), after a joint conference for young academicians in Ankara.

The week-end, September 21-23, Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation and Association for Liberal Thinking arranged a conference on ideology for young academicians in Ankara. During the same days, the news were dominated by the story of the verdicts againist the hundreds of military staff accused of planning a Coup d’État with the aim to remove the current Turkish government.

Discussions on Rule of Law in Ankara

The imporant principle of a well functioning rule of law was discussed during the conference. Veiko Lukmann, political advisior to the center-right party IRL in the Estonian parliament, talked about how Estonia worked to establish a state governed by law after the independence from the Soviet union.

During the conference, a number of other sessions, led by Turkish and Swedish speakers, were also held on subjects such as liberal democracy, human rights, spontaneous order, freedom, free trade and peace.

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