Summer School II for youth politicians from Eastern Europe

August 29th, 2012   Azerbaijan | Belarus | Caucasus | Eastern Europe | Education | Georgia | Moldavia | News

Between August 18-22, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation arranged this years second Summer School, an ideology conference for young politicians. Young politicians from four of the countries in the EU:s Eastern Partnership, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Belarus participated, as did a number of Swedish youth politicians.

The Moderate MP Gustav Blix lecturing on globalization

The conference was chaired by the British political scientist Nigel Ashford, today active at the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University in Washington D.C. A number of Swedish politicians did also participate as speakers during the conference, as the two parliamentarians Gustav Blix and Christian Holm.

Apart from discussions on the fundamental principles for a free society, ideas and experiences from the different conuntries were discussed as well as how the EU can support the development of democracy there.

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