Surprising Result in Serbian Election

May 21st, 2012   News | Serbia

Presidential candidate Tomislav Nikolic has won the presidential run-off in Serbia with 50 percent of the votes, while his opponent Boris Tadic got 47 percent, the Republic Electoral Commission (RIK) stated late on Sunday. The results are based on about 53 percent processed polling stations. The turnout was 47 percent. The final result will be announced within four days RIK announced.

It was a democratic election and we have to acknowledge the results, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt wrote on his blog “Alla dessa dagar” on Monday. “But that doesn’t reduce a considerable concern” about the future. Carl Bildt wrote about the risk that “forces with a different agenda than European reforms and reconciliation” might get hold in the region. Adding that the makeup of Serbia’s next government “is obviously of great importance, and there may still be a government based on a different majority than the one that gave Nikolic the victory”.

And it remains to be seen, Carl Bildt added, if Nikolic himself is capable of restoring confidence in the European aspirations that he claims to represent.

“This is God’s will. Serbia will keep the EU path but also protect Kosovo,” Balkan Insight quoted Tomislav Nikolic saying.

Vincent Degert, Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, reported B92, has congratulated Tomislav Nikolic on his victory in the second round of the presidential elections, saying that “I would also like to congratulate the citizens for the very democratic and competitive elections that have been taking place these two weekends. This is good news for democracy and stability here in Serbia”.


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