New Russian Law to Curb Protests

May 29th, 2012   News | Russia

Only about two weeks after Vladimir Putin returned to Russia’s presidency, a new controversial law will most likely be introduced which increases fines for illegal demonstrations. The though bill, that was introduced by the ruling United Russia party, proposes that fines for participation in illegal protests would increase from 2.000 rubles to 1 million rubles (from about $60 to $30.000), with penalties for organizers climbing from 5,000 rubles to 1.5 million rubles. The first reading of the law took place in the Duma last week. The second reading of the bill is set for June 5, and the third reading can be held the same day, Moscow Times reported.

The draft bill in its first reading was passed with a majority of 236 to 207 in the State Duma. Six people, including Sergei Mitrokhin, leader of the liberal opposition party Yabloko, were detained at a peaceful protest in Moscow ahead of the hearing.

As the draft bill states, some offenses will be added to the current law:

  1. Interfering with pedestrians
  2. Attracting additional Police forces and resources
  3. Exceeding the number of people that was approved by the authorities
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