Forum Held by the United Ukaine Opposition

May 14th, 2012   News | Ukraine

During the weekend representatives of the Ukrainian opposition held a political forum in the centre of Kyiv.  The attending parties discussed the final draft of a resolution representing the united opposition before the upcoming Parliamentary elections. The participants condemned repressions and the deteriorating democracy in Ukraine. The meeting also criticized the situation for human rights in Ukraine, the government’s economic policies, especially those that have led to soaring taxes and an unfavourable pension reforms.

The opposition stated their plan is to strip incumbent President Victor Yanukovych of his leadership and establish a state where “democracy and the rule of law will prevail.”

The opposition agreed on five steps for the next months:

  1. To approve the proposed draft plan action of the united opposition, entitled “A fair state, an honest government, decent life,” as the basis for holding a national public debate.
  2. Arrange a series of conferences, roundtable meetings, and public hearings with civil society representatives, experts, and civil society organisations from May to July.
  3. To hold oppositional forums across Ukraine in order to discuss and complete the draft action plan and submit an improved version to the next national forum of the united opposition.
  4. To unite and organise all the political forces of the united opposition in order to start a determined push against ‘current criminal occupational government’.
  5. To formulate and to announce the final draft version during the next national Ukrainian forum of the Ukraine opposition.



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