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May 13th, 2012   Best practices | Education | Latin America | The Dominican Republic

Participants in Nicaragua at the conference for women.

February 23-27, 2012 a seminar for Latin American women was arranged in Montelimar, Nicaragua by the jarl Hjalmarson Foundation. The subject was empowerment of women in politics. 45 participnats from El Salvador (ARENA), Guatemala (PU), Nicaragua (PC), Panamá (CD), Dominican Republic (FNP) and Paraguay (MDR) were trained by Azalia Avilés, Vicepresident of IWDU, Maria José Argaña, Ex Minister for the Women in Paraguay, Cristina Aguiar, Vice Minister for the Department of Human Rights at the Foreign Minister in the Dominican Republic, Vilma de Fröhlich, Consuler of the Central American Bank of Economic Integration and Javier Loaiza, Director of the Political School Tomás Moro in Colombia.

As a result of the conference the participants formed a Facebook group called Mujeres Poderosas Latinoamericanas ( Powerfull Latin American Women). The page can be visited at this address.

A second seminar is planned to take place in the autumn.

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