Second Run in Presidential Elections in Serbia

May 8th, 2012   Articles | News | Serbia

With almost 98 percent of the votes counted, social liberal incumbent Boris Tadić, Democratic Party (DS) received 25.33 percent of the votes, while ex-nationalist Tomislav Nikolić from Serbian Progressive  Party (SNS) got 24.99 percent in the presidential elections on May 6, reported It came as no surprise that these are the two rivals that will face each other in the second round on May 20. Serbia won EU candidate status in March and both parties favor EU-membership.

The presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) Vojislav Kostunica won 7.44 percent of the votes, while the candidate of the United Regions of Serbia (URS) Zoran Stankovic scored 6.56%, reported the Serbian government on its home page The Hajlmarson Foundation is cooperation with both these parties.

About 60 percent of the eligible Serbs voted on May 6. The best results in the parliamentary elections were achieved by the SNS-led coalition (SNS together with Movement Serbian Strength, Socialist Movement and New Serbia) that got the support of over 29 percent of the votes, or 73 seats in the Serbian parliament – out of 250 seats in total.

The DS-led coalition (DS and the Social Democratic Party, League of Social Democrats of Vojvodin, Serbian Renewal Movement and some minor fractions) receive almost 27 percent of the votes, or a total of 67 seats. The third runner up was the SPS-led coalition (Socialist Party of Serbia) with almost 18 percent of votes, equivalent to 44 seats in parliament.

The fourth-ranked is the DSS-ist which won 7 percent or 21 mandates, while the URS-list got 5.51 percent of the votes or 16 seats.

A possible government alliance might be created by the Democratic Party with its leader Boris Tadić, in cooperation with the Socialist Party of Serbia and the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

In regards to elections held in Kosovo and Metohija, about 85 of 90 polling stations had been counted for, reported In the presidential elections Tomislav Nikolić won some 21 percent of the votes, Vojislav Konštunica of the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) and cooperation partner of the Hjalmarson Foundation, collected almost 21 percent of the votes, Ivica Dači of the SPS-PUPS-JS coalition got some 20 percent, while Boris Tadić (DS) ended up with less than 9 percent.


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