Russia closes the door for Belarus opposition

April 10th, 2012   Belarus | News

Russia will not allow Belarusian oppositional politicians, journalists, aso, to enter the country. Up until this time the Belarus opposition  – individuals who are banned from leaving Belarus – have been able to use Russia as transit hub to travel abroad.

Vladimir Pronichev, Russian Border Services Chief, announced on April 6, that Belarusian citizens barred from leaving the country will no longer be allowed to leave Belarus via Russia in order to travel to other countries. Any citizen, who is not allowed to leave Belarus will be stopped both by Belarusian and Russian border guards on the ‘ border.

Earlier in March, a big delegation from the Belarusian opposition heading abroad was detained on the Belarusian border to Russia. The Police opened several administrative cases against the politicians. Most of them had to pay a fine and some didn’t get their passports back.

There are currently several hundreds of civil activists, human rights defenders, oppositional politicians and independent journalists who are banned from leaving Belarus. The Belarusian regime has recently added hundreds of names to the black list following the worsened EU-Belarus relations as the European Union last month expanded sanctions against individuals connected to the regime of President Lukashenka.

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