Internet Freedom

February 16th, 2012   Theme: Internet Freedom


Free information and a global electronic infrastructure constitute two crucial building blocks for increased freedom in the world. Through internet and cell phones, we enjoy immediate access to information from all over the world. There, oppression is exposed, as well as the abuse of power. At the same time, ideas and information spread on the web. The latter is crucial in promoting democracy and combat poverty and oppression.

However, the freedom of information is threatened.

According to Reporters without borders, more than 100 bloggers and netizens are currently held imprisoned for publishing their ideas on the internet. The list of Internet enemies include countries such as Saudi-Arabia, Burma, China, North Korea, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Uzbekistan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkmenistan and Vietnam. In most of these countries, it is currently considered a crime to voice opinions on the web while the hunt for dissents continues to grow.

In 2010/2011, The Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation focuses on Internet Freedom.


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