Education about Democracy in Azerbaijan

February 1st, 2012   Azerbaijan | Education | News | Theme: Democracy for Azerbaijan (sticky)

Swedish MP Elisabeth Bjornsdotter Rahm in Baku

On January 27-29, the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation in cooperation with the National Independence Party of Azerbaijan, NIPA, arranged two conferences in the Azeri capital Baku. NIPA is a democratic opposition party against the country’s dictatorship.Friday 27, a conference for female politicians took place and was opened by the Swedish MP Elisabeth Björnsdotter Rahm, who held a speech on “International Cooperation and the Importance of Women in Politics.” Jeyran Ansar, from NIPA’s political council spoke on the future of NIPA’s women’s organization. Gustaf Stenlund and Clara Wahren, both working as press staff at the Swedish Moderate party participated as well.

During the week-end, youth politicians met to discuss forms and methods of youth involvement in Azeri politics. The discussions focused on how to reach out in social media and how to organize a youth organization efficiently. The Azeri participants witnessed on the difficulties and risks that faces many young political activists in their country.

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