Additional Sentence for Presidential Candidate in Belarus

January 12th, 2012   Belarus | Free Belarus | News

Today the authorities in the town of Shklou, Belarus, sentenced Mikola Statkevich, former oppositional presidential candidate, to a three-year prison term in  “closed regime”.

The verdict was announced during a session in labour camp No. 17, where Mikola Statkevich is currently serving a six-year prison term. The additional verdict means that Mikola Statkevich will be transferred to a “closed regime” penitentiary due to “constant violation of the labor camp’s internal regulations.” He was among other things accused of not having a prisoner’s number tag on his clothes, as well as having failed to list handkerchiefs among his personal belongings.

The trial was held in the labour camp; as a result neither Statkevich’s wife nor journalists were allowed to attend the proceedings.

Previously Mikola Statkevich was recognised as a “malicious violator” by the prison administration for his letters from prison posted in the media.

Mikola Statkevich was sentenced to six years in prison May, 2012, for “organising mass disturbances” on Election Day December 19, 2010, when people took to the streets of Minsk to protest against the falsified presidential elections.

Text: Juras Stankievich


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