First Step Taken to Unify Opposition in Ukraine

January 24th, 2012   News | Ukraine

The Kyiv Post is reporting that representatives of the Ukrainian political opposition are planning to stop fighting against one another at the 2012 parliamentary election. According to an agreement on joint actions of the opposition, which was read out at a rally in Kyiv on January 22, it was stated that  “only together can we achieve a common goal – to fight dictatorship and build a just and prosperous country!” .

It is somewhat unclear which politicians or political parties that have so far signed the agreement. The Kyiv Post reported that Arseniy Yatseniuk, Head of the Front Zmin (The Front of Changes) is one of the signatories. In addition Alexander Turchinov, Vice-Chairman of the Batkivshchina Party (the party of opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko) asserted on the home page of the Party ( that “the full realization of political and social rights of citizens of Ukraine is impossible without removing the Yanukovych regime”. Turchinov added that the Parliamentary elections in October of this year will offer “a real opportunity to make a change” and that the goal is “the restoration of real democracy”.

The agreement reads: “As the representatives of the Ukrainian oppositional democratic parties, we have a significant responsibility for the Ukraine and future of the Ukrainian nation. We realise the importance of returning Ukraine on the path of democratic development, stability and opportunities for every citizen.
We realise the importance to guarantee all the freedoms and civil rights of the Ukrainian citizens according to the European standards by putting an end to political repressions and release all political leaders, such as Yulia Tymoshenko, Yury Lutsenko (former Minister of Internal Affairs), and other political prisoners.
By protecting constitutional right of our citizens to choose the government, we’ll guarantee free and fair elections.”

Freedom House resently published its annual report on freedom in the World and points out that the steepest decline in the institutions of freedom has taken place in Ukraine, where a series of negative developments was punctuated by the conviction of opposition leader and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko on dubious charges. Freedom House asserts that in the past two years — a period that coincides with the term of President Viktor Yanukovych — Ukraine has moved from a status of free to partly free and suffered deterioration on most indicators measured by Freedom House.


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